About Me

I tend to do everything the old fashioned way. Even when I bake, I do it the old fashioned way. I sift an old plain flour; whisk the eggs using my father’s homemade wire whisk, and pipe pudding in cone-shaped parchments… I even feel it must always be Pillsbury!

It’s fun making crust for my pies and I find it very pleasantly wonderful watching my little nieces help roll the dough out with the heavy rolling pin. On the rare occasions that I make biscuits and bread in my mother’s old Dutch oven, that truly feels so good!

Sometimes it got me to thinking why I like things the old-fashioned. I can’t really find the words, though, perhaps it’s the vintage taste and feels that bring back yesterday. I thought I'd never be good at raising little veggies too, having grown up with a small tomato garden. I find reminiscing those days most enjoyable of all. I’m sure there is nothing like using fresh tomatoes right from your garden in your salad too!